Michael Sato (saiyamanms) wrote,
Michael Sato

So, that's right. I actually have a LiveJournal. I post in it sometimes. How often do I actually remember this?

So then, generic newsy stuff. (... And apparently newsy is a real word, who knew?) Finally got around to writing the chapter summary for the final chapter of Pokemon DP. ... Now I just have to do the one for the chapter after the final chapter and I'll be done. Been rewatching Buffy season 4 and Angel season 1 with my mum, the last episode we watched was "I Will Remember You", she seems to be enjoying the show so far and for some reason seems convinced that Spike's whole situation with the chip won't last long. Also started rewatching the Christopher Eccleston season of Doctor Who, shame he only hung around for 13 episodes, he was a good Doctor. Watched the one with Gwen from Torchwood "The Unquiet Dead" earlier.

Also, look at me! I'm doing actual modly stuff like an Activity Check and NPCing Gym Leaders over at pokeology_rp! And it occurs to me looking at recent entries I've posted here that I never actually mentioned the fact that I'm officially a mod now, so uh... yeah. Hopefully the activity check will clean out all the inactive characters, which may potentially include Haruhi and Mikuru going by recent conversations I've had with them, but Yuki's passed and we might be getting an Itsuki (and mow many times have we almost gotten an Itsuki now?) and yeah, which should make it a lot easier to actually figure out who's there and who's not and actually start recruiting new members.
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