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Aug. 26th, 2009

... Holy crap. Now that I've dropped out of uni, I have had a freaking massive epiphany. I have spent the last sixteen years as part of the education system. Out of everything learned in that 16 years, I have likely forgotten at least 60% of it due to it being boring stuff I couldn't give a crap about, and a further 25% I'll probably never actually use again. Which means only 15% of what I've done in 16 whole years actually matters.

... That's almost a rather disturbing thought.

(And of course, the fact that so much of it doesn't matter at all really explains exactly why I always hated schoolwork so much.)

The How's My Driving? Meme

When I saw that both the Kyon and Yuki from Mallowmateys had done this, the Haruhi in my head wouldn't shut up about it until I posted too.

In other news... Guess who dropped out of university!!
Three posts in one day? Honestly, I don't even know how the hell this happened.

Fail translation is failCollapse )

The person I'm talking to in this exchange is one of my classmates also doing Japanese, and so those of you who can't read katakana know, the romanised form of "ターゲット、 ロックオン!" is "Taagetto, Rokkuon!". If you can't figure out what that means... Yeaaaah. I'm not even going to bother helping you.





... Yes, I am aware that no-one reading this will know what the fuck I'm on about. Just a blast from the past here regarding something from my high school days.
Well, last night after my other post I spoke a bit with blackjackrocket about stuff and I came to realise how much the characters I RP reflect my mental state, whether they be reflections of either myself or what I want to be. After thinking about if long and hard well after, I was thinking that maybe going through it systematically would help clear my head a bit. But I've had a pretty decent morning after being linked to a certain Haruhi fic by the Mikuru* from pokeology_rp, and then I got links to some amusing images from Blackjack, and I spoke a bit with some of my classmates (who were in class, where I'm supposed to be but I just couldn't handle going in today), Alison was rather understanding, although I really had to drive home "I'm not feeling well and I don't feel like talking about certain things" when talking to Aki though, although upon my second insistence I believe she got it. So yeah, life ain't all bad. You can probably expect another friends locked post containing me analyzing myself with my RP characters probably in the not too distant future if I'm feeling kinda down again. But for now, I'm not feeling too bad.

* Who has unfortunately been on hiatus for a while now due to certain technical difficulties. I'm really looking forward to when she's able to join the rest of us in general Team SOS antics. Also, I notice that when it comes to Team SOS, in true Kyon fashion, I seem to be the center of things even OOCly. I know that neither Haruhi or Yuki's muns are in contact with Mikuru's at all, and the two of them are in contact with me a lot more than they are with each other... Kinda odd that, especially since I think all three of the others are in NAEST while I'm in AEST which is like a 14-15 hour time difference. This random train of thought was getting too long to stick in brackets mid sentence, so I decided to put it down here with an asterisk.

Aug. 19th, 2009

... There is homework I should probably be doing, instead I'm singing, playing air guitar and reading the Haruhi-chan manga in Japanese. And this is so incredibly normal for me, I have no idea why I'm even bothering to write an entry.

Oh and right, I'll probably try to catch Giratina in Platinum again. And then probably rage at my DS because it doesn't make a bit of difference guys, the balls are inert never seem to hold it.

Aug. 8th, 2009

Leave me a comment and I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better. Update your journal with the answers to the questions. Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.
From deluziional (AKA. The incredibly awesome Haruhi Suzumiya who torments Kyon over at pokeology_rp)

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... Huh, I decide to make a post and it's all like "Hey, wanna restore from your saved draft?" and I'm like, "Huh? Saved draft? Uh, why not?" and an old half done post about pokeology_rp appears regarding how I had just gotten in with Kyon and was possibly considering a second character, the candidates I had written there being Ash Ketchum, Katsuya Jonouchi, Son Goku and Yamcha.

Of course, I ended up taking Ash... Although it's amusing how in this draft post that I had there I'm all like "But I'll probably take him from Dengeki Pikachu", which uh... Didn't happen. But whatever, anime Ash is a pretty cool dude, besides I still haven't finished reading Dengeki. (I should really get back to it at some point...)

... And I could have sworn there was something I was gonna say before I started talking about that draft post I found. And then I remembered while typing that sentence but I'm not gonna erase it now anyway.

SO. New semester of university has started, blah. I'm only doing two subjects this semester though and both are related to learning Japanese, so... Yay! But yeah, in less "Yay!"-ish stuff, the stupid university is already fucking shit up with the timetables. My Thursday afternoon Japanese 302 class was moved to Friday morning, so now it clashes with my Language Skills 204: Reading and Writing class which is also on Friday morning. Fortunately though, the Language Skills 204 class doesn't start until NEXT WEEK, and my Japanese 302 class only has nine people and FOUR of them (including myself) now have a clash with Language Skills 204 because of this, so sensei has said that she'll bring it up with the people in charge and try to change the schedule again.

I mean, you can't expect a class to run smoothly when half (well, 44.4% to be exact. [Well, that's not exactly exact, I just don't know how to put a dot on top of the 4 after the decimal point to make it recurring. {lol, I remember high school math stuff. (Brackets inside brackets inside brackets inside brackets! [Yes, I ran out of different kinds of brackets, so I'm recycling ones I already used now.])}]) the students have a timetable clash.

... That whole thing with the brackets really breaks the flow of that sentence. I think I'll say it again without the brackets.

I mean, you can't expect a class to run smoothly when half the students have a timetable clash.

Anyway, yes. That's the news. Well, that and I'm half considering dropping Haruhi over at mallowmateys simply 'cause it runs at a pace that I have some trouble keeping up with and with myself back at uni, I'm not sure I really have the time to try and keep up with it even though it is fun. I'm sticking with permanent_way and pokeology_rp though. I recently applied for Arale Norimaki as a third character at Pokeology, I got rejected although it was really minor points I could fix easily and resend, although I figured to just leave it for now though as I'm perfectly happy with my current two characters Ash and Kyon.

And as always, I've been half thinking about the idea of a second Permanent Way character. I read the entirety of Azumanga Daioh recently, and I thought that it might be an interesting series to use as a basis for an AU version of someone. Son Goku taking up the role of Yukari perhaps? :P Dear god... Goku as a high school teacher? What the hell am I thinking? Of course, it's probably better than him being an unpopular student or something who pines for Chichi and spends his class time imagining her in strawberry fields. lol, Evolution. One Piece is certainly an interesting series I could try AU-ing someone into too though...

And since I can't think of anything else to write, I guess I should end this post here kinda abruptly as I can't think of any real way of making a proper conclusion. Actually... I have a great conclusion. FUCK YEAH! DRAGON BOX!! HOW ABOUT THAT!? CAN YOU FEEL THE DRAGON BOX'S POWER? IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND!!</vegeta>

Wait, what? I'm updating this thing?

Oh hey! It's that journal I never post in! (and am almost never logged on in either because I'm always on my RP accounts!)

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Holy crap, this post actually has content. Most of it is random crap, but it's still content. Guess I'll stick it under a cut.

And the moral of the story is: Old people are crazy.

... Oh, and I changed my journal layout just then 'cause it was fugly.