Michael Sato (saiyamanms) wrote,
Michael Sato

Mankey D. Luffy?

Today I picked up Buffy Season 8 volume 5, Angel Aftermath volume 5, Pocket Monsters Special volumes 31 and 32 and the Torchwood: Children of Earth DVD set.

I have no plans to read those PokeSpe volumes yet as I haven't read volume 30. (Besides, I still have the rest of Pokemon Get da ze! volume 1 and Suzumiya Haruhi-chan volumes 1-3 to read.)

HOWEVER... I showed the stuff I bought today to my parents and neither mum or dad could identify PokeSpe as being Pokémon. Mum couldn't even identify what language it was (she asked whether it was Japanese or Chinese despite the fact she knows that I don't know Chinese) and dad asked if it was One Piece.

I mean, I've only been a fan of Pokémon for... what? Ten years? Seriously? One Piece? I mean, if he said Digimon, maybe it wouldn't be a completely retarded guess...
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