Michael Sato (saiyamanms) wrote,
Michael Sato

So, yesterday our Yuki Nagato over at mallowmateys dropped out, which while unfortunate, is entirely understandable as her mun wasn't really enjoying the game anymore. (And Jamie, I really do hope you start to feel better about things in general and I wish you all the best in future endeavors in both RP and real life.)

But then... Fast forward to today. Haruhi is yelling at me on dear_mun as per usual about stuff including the departure of Yuki. And so... This thread happens, and as a result I have earned us a new Yuki less than a day after the last one was officially removed from play. Now, the new Yuki won't actually be accepted in-game until the weekend when we have our add day, however...

I AM STILL COMPLETELY PUZZLED AS TO HOW I GOT A NEW YUKI SO QUICKLY. Especially since Chase has spent like, several months trying to get Mikuru or Koizumi... Of course, that just proves how stupid and useless Kyon is. 8|
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