Michael Sato (saiyamanms) wrote,
Michael Sato

Okay... So it's a little bizarre making another post so soon after that last one. But... Writing it feels like I just cleared a whole bunch of shit and I'm feeling a lot better for it. In fact, I'm feelin' pretty decent. So as for less "bitching about life" stuff, I've been working on a new Gotta Watch it Y'all script in preparation for my big revival. I'm thinking about skipping out on the remastered versions of the first two episodes I promised simply because it's a pain simply messing around with old stuff to improve it technically. Maybe they'll come one day at some point, but for now I think I'm going to focus purely on getting ahead.

I've done some new casting for the comeback episode, however I still don't actually have an actual Jessie or Misty, but I'll worry about that more once my current script starts to take some more proper shape. I've got several complete scenes but it'll take a bit more work before the whole thing starts to take a more complete form.

I need to get more work done on the front of actually finishing reading volume 1 of Pokemon Get da ze!, which I've been procrastinating on a bit so as to avoid the part where I write a Bulbapedia article after each chapter. Once I finish reading it, I think I'll finally get around to fully reading The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi chan manga I picked up a while back. (Which I'll probably cruise through nicely due to the lack of having to write articles for an encyclopedia.)

I'm a tad concerned about the future of pokeology_rp due to the mods kinda packing it in and offering jobs for replacements... with myself as the only volunteer thus far. I love this game and don't want it to simply die like that. I have nothing but love for the whole Team SOS thing and I've got Ash on a quest for badges and... I don't want to lose it. I love the game.

Watched the Life of Brian earlier today, initially I found myself kinda just... "Is that it?" with the ending, I felt like it just cut out and ended much to abruptly. But thinking about it now, it was a great note to go out on.

In other news, in the middle of rewatching Buffy season 5/Angel season 2 at the moment. I really enjoy seeing Glory again, I just love how much of a hypocrite she is complaining about how selfish people are for doing things that she's constantly doing herself. Like wailing on Buffy then suddenly going off at her when Buffy hits back asking her what kind of crazy person goes around hitting people and stuff like that. Of course, Joss Whedon is fantastic, therefore the awesome is entirely expected to begin with.
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