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So, that's right. I actually have a LiveJournal. I post in it sometimes. How often do I actually remember this?

So then, generic newsy stuff. (... And apparently newsy is a real word, who knew?) Finally got around to writing the chapter summary for the final chapter of Pokemon DP. ... Now I just have to do the one for the chapter after the final chapter and I'll be done. Been rewatching Buffy season 4 and Angel season 1 with my mum, the last episode we watched was "I Will Remember You", she seems to be enjoying the show so far and for some reason seems convinced that Spike's whole situation with the chip won't last long. Also started rewatching the Christopher Eccleston season of Doctor Who, shame he only hung around for 13 episodes, he was a good Doctor. Watched the one with Gwen from Torchwood "The Unquiet Dead" earlier.

Also, look at me! I'm doing actual modly stuff like an Activity Check and NPCing Gym Leaders over at pokeology_rp! And it occurs to me looking at recent entries I've posted here that I never actually mentioned the fact that I'm officially a mod now, so uh... yeah. Hopefully the activity check will clean out all the inactive characters, which may potentially include Haruhi and Mikuru going by recent conversations I've had with them, but Yuki's passed and we might be getting an Itsuki (and mow many times have we almost gotten an Itsuki now?) and yeah, which should make it a lot easier to actually figure out who's there and who's not and actually start recruiting new members.
Yuck, yuck, yuck, ew. A WORLD of EW. It's the middle of the night. Woken up by a MOTHERFUCKING COCKROACH ON MY FACE. That was just... Ew, no... yuck.


Haruhi movie.

Disappearance arc.


I honestly have no words for this.

... Except maybe FUCK YEAH!!!
Okay... So it's a little bizarre making another post so soon after that last one. But... Writing it feels like I just cleared a whole bunch of shit and I'm feeling a lot better for it. In fact, I'm feelin' pretty decent. So as for less "bitching about life" stuff, I've been working on a new Gotta Watch it Y'all script in preparation for my big revival. I'm thinking about skipping out on the remastered versions of the first two episodes I promised simply because it's a pain simply messing around with old stuff to improve it technically. Maybe they'll come one day at some point, but for now I think I'm going to focus purely on getting ahead.

I've done some new casting for the comeback episode, however I still don't actually have an actual Jessie or Misty, but I'll worry about that more once my current script starts to take some more proper shape. I've got several complete scenes but it'll take a bit more work before the whole thing starts to take a more complete form.

I need to get more work done on the front of actually finishing reading volume 1 of Pokemon Get da ze!, which I've been procrastinating on a bit so as to avoid the part where I write a Bulbapedia article after each chapter. Once I finish reading it, I think I'll finally get around to fully reading The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi chan manga I picked up a while back. (Which I'll probably cruise through nicely due to the lack of having to write articles for an encyclopedia.)

I'm a tad concerned about the future of pokeology_rp due to the mods kinda packing it in and offering jobs for replacements... with myself as the only volunteer thus far. I love this game and don't want it to simply die like that. I have nothing but love for the whole Team SOS thing and I've got Ash on a quest for badges and... I don't want to lose it. I love the game.

Watched the Life of Brian earlier today, initially I found myself kinda just... "Is that it?" with the ending, I felt like it just cut out and ended much to abruptly. But thinking about it now, it was a great note to go out on.

In other news, in the middle of rewatching Buffy season 5/Angel season 2 at the moment. I really enjoy seeing Glory again, I just love how much of a hypocrite she is complaining about how selfish people are for doing things that she's constantly doing herself. Like wailing on Buffy then suddenly going off at her when Buffy hits back asking her what kind of crazy person goes around hitting people and stuff like that. Of course, Joss Whedon is fantastic, therefore the awesome is entirely expected to begin with.

Mankey D. Luffy?

Today I picked up Buffy Season 8 volume 5, Angel Aftermath volume 5, Pocket Monsters Special volumes 31 and 32 and the Torchwood: Children of Earth DVD set.

I have no plans to read those PokeSpe volumes yet as I haven't read volume 30. (Besides, I still have the rest of Pokemon Get da ze! volume 1 and Suzumiya Haruhi-chan volumes 1-3 to read.)

HOWEVER... I showed the stuff I bought today to my parents and neither mum or dad could identify PokeSpe as being Pokémon. Mum couldn't even identify what language it was (she asked whether it was Japanese or Chinese despite the fact she knows that I don't know Chinese) and dad asked if it was One Piece.

I mean, I've only been a fan of Pokémon for... what? Ten years? Seriously? One Piece? I mean, if he said Digimon, maybe it wouldn't be a completely retarded guess...

Sep. 15th, 2009

... So yeah. I dropped Haruhi over at mallowmateys. :/

I was having some trouble trying to really play her lately, and she hasn't even piped up to yell at me on Dear Mun for dropping her, so I guess she's pretty much gone from my headspace for now. I kinda hope she'll come back at some point, she was fun to play as.

Sep. 11th, 2009


Yes. That is all I have to say, screw everything else about HGSS, Giovanni and his hat beat all.
So, yesterday our Yuki Nagato over at mallowmateys dropped out, which while unfortunate, is entirely understandable as her mun wasn't really enjoying the game anymore. (And Jamie, I really do hope you start to feel better about things in general and I wish you all the best in future endeavors in both RP and real life.)

But then... Fast forward to today. Haruhi is yelling at me on dear_mun as per usual about stuff including the departure of Yuki. And so... This thread happens, and as a result I have earned us a new Yuki less than a day after the last one was officially removed from play. Now, the new Yuki won't actually be accepted in-game until the weekend when we have our add day, however...

I AM STILL COMPLETELY PUZZLED AS TO HOW I GOT A NEW YUKI SO QUICKLY. Especially since Chase has spent like, several months trying to get Mikuru or Koizumi... Of course, that just proves how stupid and useless Kyon is. 8|
Post a list of all your roleplaying journal names and explain what the names mean, if anything.

I'll start with my active journals.

pokekyon: Kyon + Pokémon = Pokékyon. It's that simple.

gimmeuraliens: Aliens (along with time travelers and espers) are something Haruhi desires to have. I was also considering "ttlygod" at the time, but yeah.

2bamaster: Ash's goal is to be a Pokémon Master. "2BA Master" was also the name of a song/album back in the old days of Pokémon.

shrunkensaiyan: Goku is a Saiyan, who was turned into a child again by the Black Star Dragon Balls.

And now, the inactive journals. Because I can.Collapse )

Aug. 31st, 2009

So, I went and got a haircut. Barber seemed to think I was American 'cause of my apparent accent. I have no idea why, but it seems to happen a lot with me, despite the fact I've never even been to America.

In other news, I finally found a home for my Goku muse over at mayfield_rpg. Although I've decided to take him from early GT instead of somewhere in Z so I had to make a new account for him, looking forward to actually playing with him in game.

... Aaaand, my request to join the community was approved just as I typed that. Well then, heading over to the game to introduce Goku now!